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Why Wild Horse Fitness Personal Training?

Working one on one with one of our fitness experts will increase the chances of exceeding your individual goals many times over.  Let us help keep you on track, provide accountability, increase your overall fitness knowledge, and maintain your fitness lifestyle.  Let one of our personal trainers get you to where you want to be!   Stop by or call today and meet one of our pros and get started today!

Why do I do what I do ?  I consider my career a gift. I’m a coach and I have this ability to see things in people they can’t or won’t see in themselves! The gym, consistency of training, eating for my health, and fitness changed my life. and I can change YOURS!

Coach and head trainer of 2X Mo, KS, Ark NPC team champions, Team Wild Horse

Personal training for over 25 years Two time Mr. Missouri Missouri strongest man under 190 lbs. Show Me Natural bodybuilding champion Artistry award winning trainer at largest grossing health club in the US.

“I love training with Henry because he is the best trainer I have ever met.  He leads by example, motivates, educates and cares.  He wants to share his knowledgeand help everyone be the best they can be.  He has made a lasting impression on me, my husband and my 3 daughters.  We don’t diet, we live a healthy lifestyle.”

Mindy G.

“I love training with Henry because he knows I want results and has years of knowledge and experience to make my goals a reality.  He uses a no nonsense approach and pushes me hard to work hard. The entire staff at Wildhorse is helpful and supportive and takes pride in the successes of all members and their accomplishments.  I love coming to Wildhorse everyday!”

Christina R.

“Henry always pushes me to be the best I can be…he doesn’t listen to excuses. He always expects me to give it my all in everything I do.”

Madison G.

Henry Lovelace

2x Mr. Missouri Missouri Strongest Man

Show Me Natural bodybuilding champion

Alex Lovelace

1st place winner NPC Midwest Championships Bikini Novice Class B 

1st place winner NPC Championships Bikini Open Class B 

I have been training my whole life but from the experience of competing, the change in my life was so massive and positive I felt the need to start sharing this with others. If you feel tired, achy, depressed, unhappy with your body emotionally or physically, whether it’s your goal to compete, to look fit or simply just feel better about yourself I want to help! Nothing makes your body and mind feel great like being active, lifting weights and eating clean. I promise!  

“Alex is an incredible trainer! She keeps me accountable for taking care of my fitness. Alex pushes me to train harder than I would on my own without overextending my physical abilities. This girl knows her stuff. She was born to help people achieve their fitness goals.” 

Rachael T

“After training with Alex, I have seen huge improvement with my strength! I have also gained more confidence in the gym.” 

Sophia R

I’ve been active in sports & weightlifting for the majority of my life. Personal training is my passion. Helping people reach their goals and be where they want to be is my top priority. That’s not just limited to training, but also answering any health and fitness questions, to helping you with your diet, and so much more! 

I have trained teens for various sports, young and middle aged adults just trying to get in shape, & seniors helping them keep up with their health goals.   

“Blake has changed how I look at food and exercise. I’m healthier now, I’ve lost weight, and best of all—I feel better. This is a lifestyle I can maintain for the long-term. I can always count on Blake to help me find the most practical, individualized way to approach my health and to encourage me every step of the way.”

Blake McNabb

Personal training for 12 years

Lifting weights for 20 years

Eric Shepperd

I’ve always enjoyed working out and achieving my goals and also helping people reach their fitness goals, seeing them progress. After graduating school and doing my first show, my passion for training grew even more. I love what I do and I enjoy every aspect of training from competitions to just getting in the gym and getting fit. Everybody should be in some form of fitness training.

“Eric has been my trainer for 16 weeks. I had injuries for months but could not train. He would always ask how I was feeling. We went slow and I was thankful. I am so happy to be at Wild Horse Fitness. The training with Eric is amazing. My body at 52 is unreal.”

C. Larson