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Physical Therapy

Stephanie has 37 years as a physical therapist in acute and home care settings with much experience in total joint replacements of hips, knees and shoulders. She is certified in The Functional Movement Screen, Y Balance test, and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment.

Stephanie will be available by appointment at Wild Horse Fitness starting April 25th 2016. Those interested should call the gym at 636-686-7494

Who is FMS for?

Wild Horse Fitness members and the community are encouraged to get a movement check up to prevent injuries, improve movement after an injury and improve the benefits of working out.

The Functional Movement Screen is for healthy people that are active, or inactive people planning to increase their physical activity. It consists of 7 movement patterns that assess an individual’s mobility, stability, balance and coordination all working together.

The Y Balance Test assesses how the core and each extremity function under body weight loads. This test, combined with the Functional Movement Screen will allow us to show you how you rate with others in your age group and fitness level or sport and predict your chance for possible injury. These tests are used throughout the world for individuals participating in personal training or rehabilitation, high school to professional sport teams, the military, police and firefighters.

The Selective Functional Movement Assessment is for anyone that has pain with movement or previous injuries. This is medically based and identifies movement deficiencies unique to each individual. Restoring normal movement patterns can significantly improve pain and prevent further injuries.

Each client will have and individual explanation of movement pattern problems found during these test. Sessions for instruction in corrective exercise to reclaim normal movement patterns and frequent re-screening to evaluate progress will be available by appointment.

Move well by restoring your movement patterns to have the best platform to improve your fitness.