Henry Lovelace

Henry has been personal training for over 25 years, an expert in contest prep and a multi-time NPC competition medalist himself.

“I consider my career a gift, seeing things in people they can’t see or won’t see in themselves. I can help change your life.”


Blake McNabb

Blake has over 15 years of personal training experience. He is NASM certified and is also a certified coach in the CDC approved Pre-Diabetes program at Wild Horse Fitness.

“Helping people reach their personal goals is always my top priority. This means being prepared to assist in helping with nutrition planning and any other fitness related issues.”    


Alex Lovelace

Alex, a multi-time medalist, as a competitive bikini model contestant who has been very successful in her young career. Alex grew up in a gym and is certified as a coach in our Pre-Diabetes program and works with all levels of clients.

“My competitive experience changed my life massively and I feel compelled to share the positives of change with others. Nothing makes your body and mind feel great like being active and working out, I promise.”


Tim Appelbaum

Tim is a former Marine and school teacher who found his way to training through his own fitness journey. Training for more than three years, he is also a competitive Jiu-Jitsu fighter. Tim is NASM certified and certified in the CDC approved Pre-Diabetes program at Wild Horse Fitness.

“Once I went through a fitness awakening I knew I had to help others, that’s what we do at Wild Horse Fitness.”


Eric Shepperd

Eric has been training for 2 years. He came to Wild Horse as an intern and after completing an Associates Degree in Exercise Physiology began training full time. He is an avid body building competitor having been a champion multiple times in his career.

“I’ve always enjoyed working out, achieving my goals, helping people reach their own fitness goals and seeing them progress. I love what I do and I enjoy every aspect of training from competing to just getting in the gym and getting fit. Everybody should be in some form of fitness training.”